Our Artists

  • Anna Król

    She’s worked with the jewellery since 2013 and creates unique pieces, collections for which she finds the inspiration in fashion, music, art and nature.

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    Arlekin started working with jewellery in 2008. It specialises in handmade jewellery with precious stones, crafted with  using of traditional goldsmith’s techniques.

  • HOLOart - Agnieszka Wilczynska-Jaroch

    Agnieszka Wilczynska-Jaroch. Jewellery designer. As she says: „Each part of shaping gold and silver, the possibility to shape it in every moment of the proceed just to the final touch – makes me feel very happy and satisfied with my work".

  • Iwona Tamborska

    For last six years she’s dedicated herself to designing and crafting incredible jewellery – real objects of art.  She combines traditional jewellery elements such as: gold, silver, gemstones with… real plants and insects

  • Katarzyna Warchoł

    Make-up artist, art and craft lover and from time to time gardener.

  • Magdalena Maslerz

    Magdalena Maślerz. Jewellery artist, goldsmithing journeyman and founder of Cracow Goldsmithing School “Xerion”.

    By connecting precious metals, stones, and unconventional materials, she creates objects that demand viewer's attention and leave him surprised with diversity of concepts. 

  • Marta Komornicka

    Since 2004 she has found her real passion in making artistic jewellery. Mostly she is dedicated to intricate forms made from the smallest glass beads.