The inside story necklace

$4,000.00tax incl.

New product

An incredible necklace made of silver, pears, garnets and chalcedony.


The artwork tells a story of beauty, imagination and innocence that all of us have inside and how easy it can be hurt by those, who are greedily attracted by those features.

The innocence is represented by 2 people inside the rose, who are awakening. They are protected by a spiral cord, that also pierces through a hand, which is trying to get the rose, causing it to bleed (garnets). To the left from the rose is a pack of winged spheres, that are guarding the key-hole: the entrance to this universe. There is a tiny human trying to get to that the hole from the top. The key to the rose is in fact held by a dragonfly-like creature, which is ridden by an archer. They are also protectors of this delicate imagination land. 

The piece is kept in 3 colours: red, white and black. Some parts of silver were oxhidised black, some were polished and some were kept white-like, to brinh out the expression of emotions are rough and cracky, as they have connection to the "outside" world.

Iwona Tamborska

About creator - Iwona Tamborska

For last six years she’s dedicated herself to designing and crafting incredible jewellery – real objects of art.  She combines traditional jewellery elements such as: gold, silver, gemstones with… real plants and insects. She is fascinated by entomology, botany, biochemistry and… traditional myths and legends – and all these are readible in each work. Her jewellery style’s already been recognisable in Poland and abroad – she participated in international jewellery trades in London and Helsinki, her works were published in many magazines such as: Art Jewelry Magazine, Metal Clay Artist Magazine, Sens, Exclusive Info. She was awarded with a quality mark "Poland Handmade/Polskie Rękodzieło" and she is a member of Poland Handmade and Polish Creatives.